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Director General of the Treasury

The Italian Treasury Department, which is part of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is headed by the Director General of the Treasury and is responsible for key processes to support the analysis and implementation of the Government's economic and financial policy decisions, at both the national and international level.

The Director General of the Treasury coordinates, manages and supervises the various Directorates in which the Treasury Department is divided, thus assuring:

  • the realization of macroeconomic analysis to support the planning and development of the budget and the preparation of the Treasury’s planning documents;
  • the management of the public debt at both the national and international level;
  • the development of the international economic and financial relations;
  • the fulfilment of the tasks involved in high-level surveillance of the credit and financial sector;
  • the coordination of the activities to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering;
  • the management of state-owned enterprises (SOEs);
  • the coordination of the financial measures in favour of productive activities and public entities;
  • the monitoring and the value enhancement of public assets.

Among his other official duties, the Director General of the Treasury is the chairman of the Italian Financial Security Committee and is the secretary of both the CICR (Interministerial Committee for the Credit and the Savings) and the Financial Stability Committee.

The position of Director General of the Treasury is currently held by Vincenzo La Via .

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